Ladies Guild Summer Event​​ ​ ​- 18​ ​ June​

One could argue that fate had conspired to have a wonderful sunny day for the Ladies Guild Event held on Sunday ​​ 18th June - in fact, it was the hottest day of the year on record! even beating Tel Aviv's 28 degrees!!!

Andrea Batsman welcomed the assembled throng of 50 congregants and friends and said how pleased she was to see us all for the function, and introducing Stephen Lieb, virtuoso on the piano/keyboard and singer, entertainer de luxe. As if this was not enough, Stephen also is the son of one of our congregants, so it kept it - as one could say - within the family.

There was an enormous buffet, and magnificent food created by the Ladies Guild members who man(?)fully worked like Trojans in the morning and late into the afternoon preparing the feast which was appreciated by all. Stephen entertained the group in his own inimitable style with selections from Fiddler on the Roof​, My Fair Lady and others. He even put on the mask for Phantom of the Opera which was very well received, after which he entertained us all with a medley of old time music hall tunes.

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Rev David Wolfson l'z 7th Annual Memorial Lecture

The Rev. David Wolfson's z'l Memorial Lecture, on Wednesday 26 April 2017, our guest speaker was Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler. 'The title of his talk was 'Things you never knew about the Siddur.

Menahem Briskman welcomed one and all and said how pleased he was to see Rev Wolfson's family and Rabbi Shisler on this auspicious occasion. Rabbi Stanley Coten pointed out that it was also the very first lecture that Ruislip Synagogue had hosted as members of the family of the United Synagogue, and he trusted that there would be many such occasions in the future.

Rabbi Shisler reminisced that Rev. Wolfson z'l presided over Ruislip's congregation from 1974-2010, and that he remembered David Wolfson as having the twin virtues of humility and the ability to make friends - these attributes endearing him to all who knew him. He then went on to ask (rhetorically) several questions- “what is in our prayers? why do we say things”, and he also posed the question of the history of the prayer book and from whence it came.

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Melave Malka at Ruislip Synagogue

As part of, or as a continuation of Ruislip Synagogue's 70th Anniversary celebration year, congregants were invited to a Melave Malka on Saturday 14 January at 7.30 pm. Incidentally, it was the coldest night we have experienced so far in 2017! Despite the inclement weather 40 plus guests enjoyed the warm welcome, food and entertainment by Chazan Eliot Alderman, accompanied by Samuel Davis on the keyboard.

Rabbi Stanley, acting as Master of Ceremony, thanked everyone for coming, and explained the meaning of Melave Malka. After introducing Chazan Eliot and Samuel Davis, he congratulated Samuel Davis on his attaining Grade 6 violin with merit, which was wonderful news.

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Ruislip Synagogue Attendance at the British Legion’s Wreath Laying Remembrance Service held in Ruislip Sunday 13 November 2016

The Ruislip Branch of the British Legion donated to Ruislip Synagogue a Wreath entitled ‘Ruislip and Northwood AJEX with (logo) Magen David Adom and Lion’. They requested a contingency from the Synagogue to attend the Parade and Ceremony. They marched from Ruislip Station through the High Street to the Memorial Site built in Memory of the Service Men and Women who had laid down their lives over WWI & II and, sadly, up until the present day.

The weather was warm and sunny. The March began at 10.30 am with the Servicemen’s bands playing until they reached the Memorial. There were crowds lining the pavements along the way and around the memorial itself. Service people had come from many parts of the world along with old contenders who laid wreaths in memory of the battles in which they had fought. There were Standard Bearers from many of the Services and from Police Cadets, Scouts, Guides and various other Youth Groups.

After the command to ‘Stand at Ease’ an address was given to begin the Service, which was followed by two hymns. The command to ‘Stand to Attention’ was then ordered and just before 11 am the bugle call was sounded; St Martin’s Church clock struck 11 am then began the moving 2 minutes silence which always gives one time to seriously reflect on this moment on the horrors and futility of war and the great loss of loved ones.

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Ruislip Synagogue SHABBATUK

Nearly 70 members attended a wonderful Friday evening of prayers, song, dining and conversation.

The tables were laid with white cloths, blue serviettes and flower arrangements. The catered food for the meal had been delivered earlier in the day and duly prepared in the Synagogue kitchen. Later, Ladies Guild members and four waitresses were at the ready to help plate and serve a sumptuous three course dinner bringing together weeks of negotiating, arranging and advertising to fruition, to produce a splendid Shabbat evening.

It was good to see members and their families arriving and chatting. The candles had been lit. The Maariv Service took place, followed by Kiddush and Motzei.

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Ruislip Synagogue’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations

The celebrations began on Friday evening with the Service being well attended, followed by an extra special Kiddush.

Early on Shabbat morning Andrea Batsman, RLG Chairman, and her band of willing volunteers were there to arrange a very special Kiddush to follow the Shabbat Service.

The Service was taken by Rabbi Stanley Coten, along with guest Cantor David Apfel and Bernard Kasin. Where possible the warden, Huw Davis, arranged aliyot for past members.

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A history of the Jews of Bulgaria - 28 July 2016

Rabbi Stanley Coten welcomed and introduced Rabbi Zerbib to our Synagogue members and thanked him for coming.

Rabbi Zerbib began by giving us a profile of his own family, how he finally arrived in England to become a Rabbi at Northwood United Synagogue. He comes from a long line of Rabbis on both sides of his family; his father is Ashkenazi, his mother is Sephardi.

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RLG Summer Event 10 July 2016

Ruislip Ladies Guild have done it again – another very successful function. Even though many people were on holiday there were still over forty who attended.

A sumptuous chicken dinner was prepared and made in our new kitchen. Andrea rose to the occasion of organising the dinner within one week. Then, with the co-operation of the committee ladies to help, a beautiful two course meal was served.

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Rev. David Wolfson Memorial Lecture 2016

Ruislip Affiliated Synagogue was proud to announce that the 6th lecture in the series for Rev David Wolfson's Memorial Lecture would be given by Rabbi Councillor Alan Plancey on Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Among the distinguished audience was Rev David Wolfson's family - his daughter Michelle and son in law Michael together with their daughter Gina, and son Carl. Rev. Wolfson's son Geoff Wolfson and his family were in Israel celebrating the wedding of their daughter and unfortunately could not attend this event.

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A big thank you for the new kitchen at Ruislip

A new kitchen was celebrated on Saturday 9th January 2016 at Ruislip Synagogue which was made possible by the bequest of Maurice Shapiro z'l. There was a service of celebration and thanksgiving to which members of the family of the late Maurice Shapiro z'l were present. The large congregation was invited by Rabbi Coten to view the finished product as well as partake of the large inviting Kiddush which was laid out in the hall. Rabbi Coten, in his speech, mentioned that Saturday was the memorial date for Martin Feuer z'l who had done so much to lay the groundwork for the new kitchen and that it was very appropriate that it took place on that day, and Martin deserved to be remembered for his hard work and dedication to the Synagogue in his capacity as Treasurer for over 20 years.

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Reverend David Wolfson Memorial Lecture 2015

The Annual Wolfson Memorial Lecture was presented on Tuesday 28th April by Dr. Steven Wilson, Dr Wilson is the Chief Executive of the United Synagogue and told us that as the Chief Executive he is the professional lead for jointly developing strategy with our Trustees, and local HOs, and is charged with its implementation. He leads a team Head Office and across our communities and particularly focuses on the central departments covering – community development, finances, youth, kashrut, Beth Din, HR with varied responsibilities.

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Melava Malka with Rabbi Major Reuven Livingstone

With only approximately three week’s notice that Rabbi Major Reuven Livingstone was able to come to Ruislip Synagogue to speak to us, there were over sixty people who wanted to attend.

The organization of the whole event from the meal to the seating plans was in itself carried out like a military drill.

Samuel Davis, the youngest attendant of the evening, kindly played on his keyboard to welcome everyone to the special event. During the meal he again entertained us with some pleasant melodies, including, of course, If I were a rich man, many joined in singing and clapping.

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Ruislip Synagogue's Candles Burn Brightly

The Chanukah party at Ruislip Synagogue held on Sunday 21st December was a veritable cornucopia of different experiences! First of all there was a variety of musical and sight recognition quizzes, all designed most effectively by Marion Main then Alice and Samuel Davis took the floor and entertained the 65 plus audience with their musical renderings on oboe, violin and piano. The two talented siblings were able to produce a melee of musical surprises. It was in-house entertainment which also created very much a family atmosphere.

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Interfaith Shabbat

On the Friday night Shabbat Service of 28th November 2014, Ruislip Synagogue held its Annual Interfaith Shabbat Service, attended by 75 people. We were honoured this year by the presence of the Deputy Mayor, Councillor George Cooper and the Deputy Mayoress Judith Cooper, plus the Borough Commander Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Downing. The visitors in the congregation, joining our own members, were Christian, Catholic, Muslim and representatives of other faiths.

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Splendiferous Occasion at Ruislip for the Chief Rabbi's ShabbatUK

On Friday 24th October Ruislip, in common with most synagogues around London and the provinces, celebrated the Chief Rabbi's initiative to have Shabbat UK. They did this by providing a hot meal for over 75 participants in the Synagogue Hall which was beautifully decorated and laid out by an army of willing helpers organised by the Ladies Guild, who did a superlative job in a remarkably short time scale.

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Rev. David Wolfson z'l Memorial Lecture - Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Rev. David Wolfson z'l Memorial Lecture on Tuesday 16 September 2014 at Ruislip Synagogue was notable on several counts. The lecture was presented by the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis who graciously honoured Ruislip with his presence. Furthermore it put Ruislip Synagogue very much on the map. Ruislip may have a small congregation, but it is a force to be reckoned with as the Board of Management are dynamic and persistent.

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