RLG Summer Event 10 July 2016

Ruislip Ladies Guild have done it again – another very successful function. Even though many people were on holiday there were still over forty who attended.

A sumptuous chicken dinner was prepared and made in our new kitchen. Andrea rose to the occasion of organising the dinner within one week. Then, with the co-operation of the committee ladies to help, a beautiful two course meal was served.

After the meal was over there was entertainment by two members of the Shir Quintet, who played guitar and accordion and sang music from Israel, Russia and Yiddish music from Poland.

Before the ending of the evening the raffle was held and the prizes were worth winning.

Rabbi Stanley Coten thanked everyone for coming and announced the numerous future interesting happenings at the shul hall including, of course, Ruislip Synagogue’s 70th anniversary celebrations in September.

Thanks were given by Andrea to the excellent musicians with further thanks being made by J Batsman to all who had helped to make the evening such a resounding success.

Here’s to the next time – as those old enough to remember was always said by Henry Hall after his orchestra had finished their programme on the Light Radio.

D Davis