Ruislip Synagogue Attendance at the British Legion’s Wreath Laying Remembrance Service held in Ruislip Sunday 13 November 2016

The Ruislip Branch of the British Legion donated to Ruislip Synagogue a Wreath entitled ‘Ruislip and Northwood AJEX with (logo) Magen David Adom and Lion’. They requested a contingency from the Synagogue to attend the Parade and Ceremony. They marched from Ruislip Station through the High Street to the Memorial Site built in Memory of the Service Men and Women who had laid down their lives over WWI & II and, sadly, up until the present day.

The weather was warm and sunny. The March began at 10.30 am with the Servicemen’s bands playing until they reached the Memorial. There were crowds lining the pavements along the way and around the memorial itself. Service people had come from many parts of the world along with old contenders who laid wreaths in memory of the battles in which they had fought. There were Standard Bearers from many of the Services and from Police Cadets, Scouts, Guides and various other Youth Groups.

After the command to ‘Stand at Ease’ an address was given to begin the Service, which was followed by two hymns. The command to ‘Stand to Attention’ was then ordered and just before 11 am the bugle call was sounded; St Martin’s Church clock struck 11 am then began the moving 2 minutes silence which always gives one time to seriously reflect on this moment on the horrors and futility of war and the great loss of loved ones.

The second bugle call was then followed by the prayer “They Shall Not Grow Old As We Grow Old” by Laurence Binyon, War Poet, and The Lord’s Prayer was recited by all.

Every wreath holder solemnly laid their Wreath when their name was called. The Mayor of Hillingdon was first, followed by many other representatives of the Services, including our own representative, David McCallum, and Groups such as the Fire Brigade, St Johns Ambulance, WI, Cadets, the Guides, Brownies, U3A and others . Along with the wreaths there were wooden poppy crosses depicting the 100 years’ Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. They were carried then laid afterwards, by the local groups of children.

When the wreath laying was completed the National Anthem was sung and the event concluded.

Several people lingered on to read the different tributes to the brave of so many battles. Many photographs were taken of groups standing in front of the Memorial with their specific wreath.

It was a very moving tribute to the fallen and was a privilege to be able to partake in this memorial with friends from Ruislip Synagogue.

David McCallum after laying the Wreath

Martin Taffel, Sylvia McCallum, Esther Taffel, Michelle Davis, Jeff Batsman, Samuel Davis, Helene Briskman
and her dad, Wally Hart who was with the other Veterans during March and Service, David McCallum,
Elaine Franklin, Doreen Davis and David Franklin