Ladies Guild Summer Event​​ ​ ​- 18​ ​ June​

One could argue that fate had conspired to have a wonderful sunny day for the Ladies Guild Event held on Sunday ​​ 18th June - in fact, it was the hottest day of the year on record! even beating Tel Aviv's 28 degrees!!!

Andrea Batsman welcomed the assembled throng of 50 congregants and friends and said how pleased she was to see us all for the function, and introducing Stephen Lieb, virtuoso on the piano/keyboard and singer, entertainer de luxe. As if this was not enough, Stephen also is the son of one of our congregants, so it kept it - as one could say - within the family.

There was an enormous buffet, and magnificent food created by the Ladies Guild members who man(?)fully worked like Trojans in the morning and late into the afternoon preparing the feast which was appreciated by all. Stephen entertained the group in his own inimitable style with selections from Fiddler on the Roof​, My Fair Lady and others. He even put on the mask for Phantom of the Opera which was very well received, after which he entertained us all with a medley of old time music hall tunes.

His performance concluded with a few well known classics such as 'Tomorrow' from Annie, and 'Sweet Caroline' a Neil Diamond favourite, but of course, the last number- New York, New York' got everyone moving their hands (and other parts!) in time to the music.

However, all good things have to come to an end, and the evening culminated in Rabbi Stanley Coten expressing sincere thanks to Andrea and her band for a wonderful achievement and for giving so much pleasure to all.

Angela Feuer